Chris and Hardy De Lupus Saevus, SchH3

Welcome to De Lupus Saevus (SV Reg. 1998). We are a small hobby kennel focused on preserving and improving the utility and type of the working German Shepherd Dog. Our breeding program is founded on mentally and physically strong West European blood, occasionally, crossing with Czech, Belgium and East German lines in an effort to optimize type, endurance, trainability and substance.

Our dogs can be found in many countries serving on Police departments and performing on the Schutzhund field. We focus on results and quality not quantity. Here are a few of our accomplishments:

V-Hamon De Lupus Saevus, SchH3, KKL1

2008 Universal Sieger CAN

Hektor De Lupus, SchH3

2010 CAN #1 SchH3 Dog

Dino De Lupus Saevus, SchH3

2005 SW Regional Champion

Elgos De Lupus Saevus, SchH3

2006 SW Regional Champion

Felix De Lupus Saevus, SchH3

2008 CAN Regional Champion

Innes De Lupus Saevus, SchH3

2007 CAN Regional Champion

Joy De Lupus Saevus, SchH1

2010 Universal Champion Trinidad

Benno von Ennazus, SchH3

2 X BSP Participant
3 X LGA Participant